Quality Systems Records

Inspection Results
  • Use the Production Data to control the Process and improve your profits
  • Six Sigma - DMAIC - Define - Measure - Analyse - Improve - Control
  • Inspector/ Operator Recording with Process Control (SPC) - Control Charts with Cpk analysis
  • Reports on quality costs (Costs of bad quality)
  • Pareto analysis (included in Enterprise Resource Planning System)
  • Trend of defects over time
  • Analysis by input criteria, shift, machine, product, customer, process, manufactured dates, etc.

Run Chart



Other reports and Quality System Records required


Calibration Recording and Scheduling System Audit Control with Corrective and Preventative action
  • Schedule of what is due for calibration
  • Report on completed calibrations per instrument
  • Actual measurement results
  • Fixed Asset Register (option)
  • Designed to aligns with your existing system
  • Easy to access records
  • Internal Audit and External audit control systems
  • Who is scheduled to audit what, when
  • Audit findings
  • Corrective actions required / Customer Complaints
  • Report on outstanding actions
  • Actions taken
  • Solution implemented
  • Training system (option)

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